What states have 5 star medicare advantage plans?

Five-star Medicare Advantage plans have the same eligibility requirements as any other Medicare Advantage plan. This means that you qualify for a five-star plan if you qualify for any other Medicare Advantage plan, as long as there is a five-star plan available in your place of residence. These ratings for Medicare Advantage plans are based on a careful review of the quality and performance of each plan, and only the best of the best receive a 5-star rating. One of the most important things to consider when buying a Medicare Advantage plan (also known as Medicare Part C) is the quality of the plan.

There are several different enrollment periods when you can enroll in a five-star Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare star ratings help protect you as a customer by allowing you to understand how a plan compares to its peers. This means that a five-star plan scores the highest overall in terms of how well it offers members access to healthcare and a positive customer service experience. Plan selection varies by state, so contact an authorized insurance agent to ask about the five-star plans available in your place of residence.

There are 28 unique performance measures used to determine a star rating for Medicare Advantage plans and 38 performance measures to qualify a Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription drug coverage (MA-PD plans). Star ratings are published annually and reflect the experiences of individuals enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans. There are certain Medicare enrollment periods during which you can enroll in a five-star Medicare Advantage plan. This should give you a confidence boost when choosing a five-star Medicare Advantage plan that includes coverage for your drugs.

Medicare Centers for Medicaid Services (CMS) %26 evaluates all Medicare Advantage plans (and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans) and assigns each plan a star rating based on plan performance based on metrics such as customer service, chronic disease management, and more. You can change your coverage to the available 5-star Advantage plans at any time between December 8 and November 30 of each year. Some older adults may live in a utopia of numerous affordable, high-quality plan options, while others may be left in a wilderness of high-cost, low-selection Medicare plans.

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