What Are the Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage plans are a great way to get the same level of coverage as Medicare Part A and Part B, while also providing additional benefits. These plans are offered by private insurers and cover things that Original Medicare doesn't offer, such as copays, deductibles, and medical care when you travel abroad. They also provide coverage for routine eye care, hearing aids, routine dental care, prescription drug coverage, and membership in fitness centers. However, each plan may charge different out-of-pocket costs and have different rules for obtaining services.

With a Medicare Advantage plan, you may have coverage for things that Original Medicare doesn't cover, such as fitness programs (gym memberships or discounts) and some vision, hearing, and dental services (such as routine checkups or cleanings). When choosing a Medicare Advantage plan, it's important to consider the cost of the plan and the coverage it provides. You should also check if you are eligible for Medicaid or any of the other assistance programs Medicare offers to low-income members. The two main times you can change are the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and the Medicare Special Enrollment Period for qualifying life events, if you qualify.

If you decide that the Medicare Advantage plan isn't for you, you have the right to purchase any Medigap plan if you switch to Original Medicare within 12 months of the date you first joined a Medicare Advantage plan. Plans must cover all emergency and urgent care and nearly all of the medically necessary services covered by Original Medicare. Overall, Medicare Advantage plans offer a great way to get comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. It's important to compare plans carefully to make sure you're getting the best deal for your needs.

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