The Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are a popular option for many of the 63 million Americans enrolled in Medicare, as they offer managed care with low or no premiums. However, there are some drawbacks to these plans that should be considered before signing up. One of the main drawbacks of Medicare Advantage plans is that they can get expensive if you're sick due to uncovered copays. Additionally, a plan may offer only a limited network of doctors, which can interfere with a patient's choice.

It's also not easy to switch to another plan, as there are often lifetime penalties for doing so. Another downside to Medicare Advantage plans is that they have more restrictions than Original Medicare on which doctors and medical centers you can use. Additionally, while a consolidated Medicare Advantage plan may seem like a better alternative to Original Medicare, it has its own set of disadvantages. Critics of these plans say global risk financial incentives encourage providers and health plans to skimp on health care, refusing, for example, to pay for certain health screenings or extended nursing home stays not required by Medicare to save money. On the other hand, there are some benefits to Medicare Advantage plans.

For example, they may offer coverage for things that Original Medicare doesn't cover, such as fitness programs (gym memberships or discounts) and some vision, hearing, and dental services (such as routine checkups or cleanings). Many Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage, so you can use your policy to access generic and brand name drugs. When deciding whether or not to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, it's important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. While these plans may offer some benefits, they also come with restrictions and potential costs that should be taken into consideration. If you're unsure about which plan is right for you, it's best to speak with an independent Medicare agent who offers products from multiple companies.

Elise Woehl
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