Understanding Medicare Advantage Plan 2: What You Need to Know

Medicare Advantage Plan 2 (HMO-POS) is a type of Medicare Advantage plan that combines Medicare Part A (hospitalizations) and Part B (doctor visits), also known as Original Medicare, into one plan. Most plans include prescription drug coverage (Part D) and additional benefits and features, such as routine vision, hearing, dental and fitness coverage that Original Medicare doesn't provide. It is important to consult a licensed health insurance agent for plan specifics.

Medicare Advantage plans have additional benefits and features that Original Medicare doesn't have, such as fitness programs (gym memberships or discounts) and some vision, hearing, and dental services (such as routine checkups or cleanings). Depending on where you live and your personal situation, there may be several types of Medicare Advantage plans to choose from.

Medicare pays a fixed amount for your care each month to companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans. A Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription drug coverage is ideal if you don't want a separate Part D plan. If a PFFS plan doesn't include drug coverage, you can buy a stand-alone prescription drug plan. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are insured by private health insurance companies, not Medicare.

Plans can also adapt their benefits packages to offer these benefits to certain members with chronic illnesses. Medicare Advantage Plan 2 (HMO-POS) covers additional benefits and services, some of which may not be covered by Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B). To make it easy to find the plan you need, there are information and tools to help you stay informed before you choose. On Saturdays and Sundays, or you can send feedback directly to Medicare through the complaint form about your health plan or Medicare prescription drug plan.

That's why there is a wide range of Medicare Advantage plans that fit your health needs and budget.

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